9/11 Press for Truth - The Money Trail to the Pakistani Government

Following is a partial transcript of the information in this video clip{link at bottom} which describes aspects of The United State’s involvement in the Middle East Region over the past decades, and how it had been discovered that funding for one of the key Hijackers on 9/11 was provided from General Mahmood Ahmed, the head of the Pakistani Intelligence Agency and a close associate of the U.S., who in fact was in Washington D.C. for a rare visit during the attacks. Also discussed is testimony from an undercover Operative linking Pakistan to the Attacks.

Narrator: “To better understand the ties between Bin Laden and Pakistan, Thompson followed a timeline thread that began with covert Pakistan involvement in the Soviet-Afghan war, two decades ago... Throughout the [1980’s], the Soviets Battled the Mujahideen, a group of anti-Soviet fighters that included Bin Laden. The Mujahideen were backed the the CIA, who hoped to give the Soviets their own costly Vietnam-type war. Rather than fund the Mujahideen directly, the CIA covertly channeled money through the Pakistani Intelligence Agency, the ISI.”

Len Downie, Executive Editor, Washington Post: “They helped create Bin Laden and the roots of Al-Queda during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, when the CIA and the intelligence services of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia created this group of people to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.”

Narrator: “Billions of dollars from the CIA and the Saudis were passed through the ISI to support the War. The strategy worked, and the Soviets were defeated.. Emboldened by their victory and the influx of weapons and cash, the ISI had helped to install the Taliban and deepen their ties to Bin Laden and his terror network.”

Paul Thompson: “.. There is really no difference between an ISI training camp for terrorism, and an Al-Queda training camp for terrorism. You would have some people working for Al-Queada and go out to an Al-Queda mission, and you would have other people working for the ISI and they would go out to Cashmere on one of their missions.”

Narrator: “Within Days of the Attacks, Pakistan was hailed as a major ally in the new war on terror. The White House seemed confident that Al-Queda alone was behind 9/11.”

Narrator: “.. On [October 1, 2001], the FBI discovered evidence linking the alleged Hijackers and Al-Queda by following a money trail that ended at Mohammed Atta in Florida.”

CNN Broadcast, 10/06/01: “The Suspected Hijacker Muhammad Alta received wire transfers via Pakistan, and then distributed the cash via money orders here in Florida. A senior law enforcement official tells CNN the man sending the money to Atta is believed to be Omar Saeed Sheikh. He reportedly is controlling certain aspects of the financial transactions of the Al-Queda Network. Once a stand-out student of the London School of Economics, the British born son of Pakistani parents speaks five languages.”

Narrator: “The story made news in every major newspaper. With a 9/11 paymaster identified as an alleged Al-Queda moneyman, it seemed that the US finally had it’s proof that Al-Queda was involved, and the US war on terror could now move ahead. But what most of his post-9/11 reports about Omar Saeed Sheikh had failed to mention was that at the same time Sheikh dropped out of the London School of Economics to presumably join Al-Queda, he had also joined the ISI.”

CNN International Broadcast, 10/28/01: “Arresting officer A.K. Jain says Omar Sheik admitted he was supported by the Pakistan Government’s intelligence service, the ISI.. After his release it was very clear that he was provided protection and safe haven in Pakistan, with the direct support, knowledge and obviously the Knivence of the Pakistani Intelligence.”

Narrator: “Only two days after the invasion of Afghanistan, the Times of India reported the FBI discovered credible evidence that $100,000 was wired to alleged Hijacker Muhammad Atta by 9/11 paymaster, Omar Saeed Sheikh on the orders of the ISI Director Gen. Mahmood Ahmed.”

Paul Thompson: “If that had been the head of the Iraqi Intelligence agency, do you think we would have heard about it?”

Dr. William Pepper, Consultant to the Pakistani Government: “You have to understand that General Mahmood Ahmed was a Key Player. Indian State Intelligence came upon this transfer. It was then that the Times of India was able to get this information. The FBI was got involved in the whole situation because it was becoming very public as a result of the Indian Investigation.”

Narrator: “Though the information was never publicly disclosed, Indian Intelligence claimed that the FBI had privately confirmed this story to them, and it soon made every major Indian Newspaper. In the US, only a single news outlet even mentioned the investigation. The information was reported as an internet-only story on the editorial section of the Wall Street Journal’s website.”

Paul Thompson: “It had this cutesy title, but it contained this completely explosive information... ”

Narrator: “After the Times of India story broke, paymaster Omar Saeed Sheikh was no longer that apparent proof that Al-Qaeda was the sole sponsor of the attacks. Instead, Saeed Sheik, acting on the orders of the ISI, appeared to be the smoking gun of Pakistani involvement in 9/11.”

Paul Thompson: “And instantly, within that day, basically, Saeed Sheikh becomes ‘persona-non-rata’, and then a whole bunch of other people are put forth as the Paymaster. ”

Narrator: “Over the next several months, authorities began confusing the news media with a bewildering variety of alternate names for the Paymaster, each sounding similar to Omar Saeed Sheikh.”

Paul Thompson: “No it’s this guy, no it’s this guy, they keep changing the story about who the guy is, and it becomes hard to keep track.”

Narrator: “By the one year anniversary of 9/11, Newsweek had concluded that the paymaster remains almost ‘a total mystery.’ The 9/11 Commission would ultimately conclude that the question of who financed the attacks is of ‘little practical significance.’”

Paul Thompson: “In my opinion it seems to be a bunch of smoke and mirrors to try to really hide the fact that there is money coming from the ISI, going to the Hijackers.”

Narrator: “And here the story took another unexpected turn. Several top news stories had already reported that the Pakistani ISI director had actually been in Washington for a rare visit during the week of September 11. L.A. Weekly reported that on the very evening of September 11, US State Department Officials began reporting the terms of the U.S. - Pakistani partnership with ISI Director Mahmood Ahmed, the very man who was alleged to have ordered the very transfer to Mohammed Atta. The talks continued over the next several days before the General returned to Pakistan on September 14.

Narrator: ”.. An undercover operative Randy Glass says that he can prove that USA Officials knew about the ISI role in 9/11 even as they chose to partner with Pakistan. The revelation came in another widely overlooked story, this one reported by dateline NBC.. “

The story reported by Dateline NBC spoke of Randy Glass, who was infiltrating a terrorist arms buying network in a two and a half year investigation by the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. In the story, it explained how In a 1999 meeting in which Randy Glass was wearing a wire, he was introduced to individuals associated with Osama Bin Laden and the ISI, who were interested in purchasing weapons. The most important information ended up on the cutting room floor, however..

Randy Glass: ”During the course of the conversation, I asked him exactly what his intentions were. After Dinner, as we walked outside, he pointed at the direction of the World Trade Center and said ‘those towers are coming down.’“

Randy Glass: ”I had been threatened by FBI Agent Steve Bridouski that if I mentioned any of that, I would be charged with obstruction of justice.“

Paul Thompson: ”I'm not suggesting from this that Pakistan is the ‘solution’ to 9/11 because it’s not. Pakistan is one part in a very complicated story. The question to me is ‘Who else was involved with Al-Qaeda, was Al-Qaeda used as a tool, just as in the 1980’s as the Mujahideen was basically used by the US Government.“

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