Self-Motivation : You Are The BEST...You Are Unique...You Are Different

All days are not same...some days are good and some are bad; All people are not same...some appreciate and some criticize;All relatives are not same...some love us and some hate us;We give our best to all all every thing that we every moment of our every minute of a day but the results are not same...sometimes we succeed and some time we fail. There are also days of frustration and disappointments.There are also people who harm us, hurt us and criticize us.There are also people who accept us and others reject us. Sometime the disappointment, frustration, fear, thought of failure and pain of rejection is too deep and it hurt our self-esteem and self-confidence. We feel useless, worthless and dejected. Just during such days and such moments look into the mirror and tell your self, "I am the BEST". Why only during such times, everyday...once in a day you should tell yourself, "I am the best". Doesn't matter what the situations are;Doesn't matter what type of people are around you;Doesn't matter which phase of are going through; You are THE BEST. You are Special. You are Unique. You are Different. You are Lovable.Take positives from everything. Learn from your experience. Love yourself and love people around you. Respect yourself...for what you are and as you are. Today might not be your day, but be hopeful, continue to dream...tomorrow will certainly be yours. Agreed that today is a bit dark, look the other side...some light is coming. Be positive. Be thoughtful. Continue Your Learning. Love yourself.Don't let anything hurt you;Don't let people take away your self-esteem and self-pride; Have a great day and fantastic week ahead. Take very good care of yourself...because you are the are are are Different...You are Lovable.

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