I remember the day I became a pain-junkie.

It was pretty damned exciting.

I don't mean self-inflicted pain.


I am talking about my prospect's pain.

I remember it well.

I had my questions all planned in advance.

I knew what I was going to ask to find the pain. And I knew
what I was going to ask to stick the knife, twist it around,
and make it hurt.

All I needed was a prospect.

And then the phone rang.

My lead generation efforts had paid off.

Someone was calling me wanting to find out about my

As I picked up the phone, I put myself into high "On" mode.

I used all the rapport techniques I had studied, practiced,
and mastered.

I started asking the pain questions, used my control
questioning technique to keep control of sales call, found
the pain, and magnified it with more questions.

I leverage that pain into a commitment. A commitment by my
prospect to make a decision, yes or no, then and there with
me while we were both on the phone.

Commitment secured, I finally "presented". I discussed how
my service worked, what my prospect could expect to get from
it, what my qualifications were, and what the prices of the
package options were.

We discussed it a bit, and he made a decision. Just like he
committed to doing.

I had a new customer.

And I got paid.

I was so ecstatic, I had to hold back from laughing out

I mean, I knew exactly what I was doing every step of the
way. Once I had found pain that I knew I could do an
excellent job of solving, I knew I had about 60-70% chance
of closing this prospect.

And when I got the commitment that he would make a decision,
I knew that my chance of closing had just risen to about

I wanted to laugh, because for the first time in years, I
felt fully in control of the sale.

My transformation was complete.

I had become addicted to pain.

I had become a pain-junkie.

Selling hasn't been the same for me ever since. It's sooo
much more fun now.

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