US Data

* Kaiser US State Health Facts: Menlo Park based non-profit, non-partisan foundation devoted to providing facts, and analysis about public health.
* FedStats: A comprehensive searchable gateway to Federal Statistics
* StateMaster: Comprehensive state by state statistics and comparisons.
* Government Printing Office: From text of congressional bills to budget related documents.
* Congressional Budget Office A repository of of budget related analyses and data
* Government Accountability Office Superb reports on how government spends money.
* Energy Information Agency
* Census Bureau The largest repository of county, city, state, level data relating to sociodemographics among other things.

International Data

* UN Statistics: A UN division devoted to providing basic economic, environmental, development, and demographic data on the member states. The data are not always presented well, but still a reliable source.
* World Bank Country Data: A larger more comprehensive initiative to bring you a host of data on countries around the world.
* BBC Country Profiles: Provides 500-1000 word snapshots of countries along with basic ‘facts’. A great way to learn about countries quick.
* Library of Congress - Country Profiles These are comprehensive profiles with reasonably well done historical section.
* CIA - World Factbook
* EU Statistics

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