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Why does this watch cost Rs 125,00,000?

The world of luxury watches is a rarified place. When faced with one, it is considered impolite to raise an eyebrow at the price, let alone gasp. Keeping a sense of perspective is crucial, especially when it is a watch partly made with steel from the hull of the Titanic, and costs $250,000 (approx.). Prince Albert of Monaco sure kept his composure when he got one.
A limited collection of 2,012 watches, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the disaster, Romaine Jerome’s Titanic DNA series is a sight to behold. The first of the lot, the Day & Night, a limited edition of nine pieces, was sold out within days of being unveiled. The Titanic DNA T-oxy III Tourbillon featured here is a limited series of nine as well.

The good news is that there are still a few of them left. If you want to own a work of art that’s stunning, justifications are not necessary, but it helps to know that you’ll be a part of history. Coming soon from the DNA series, is a watch that can store information for 2 million years! And you thought cockroaches were resilient.

• The rusted steel bezel is a mix of actual steel from the shipwreck some 3,900 m under the sea and steel supplied by the makers of Titanic— Harland and Wolff shipyards in Belfast

• Movement: The unique RJ Tourbillon movement counters the effects of gravity by placing the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage.

You can see the Tourbillon at work through the open window at ‘6’. The watch also has a 120-hour power reserve

• Hands inspired by the anchor of the Titanic

• Sapphire crystal with double antireflecting treatment

• Deep black dial made of coal collected from the wreck

• Crocodile skin strap

Watches to watch out for

Come spring 2009 and these beauties from some of the world’s best-known fashion brands will be in stores. choose which label you want to sport.

Emporio Armani
1. Model: Ar0185
Price: Rs 20,995 The embossed leather gives an extra kick to the classic feel of this Emporio Armani watch. It has a dark brown leather strap with a stainless steel square case. The brown dial with silvertone Roman numeral, logo, and three subdials make it not just a funky-looking timepiece but a great one to have when crossing time zones. This quartz watch is waterresistant up to 30 m and comes with a two-year warranty.

2. Model: AR3163
Price: Rs 36,990 Imagine a watch that comes with diamonds and is still priced under Rs 40K! The stainless steel case with genuine diamonds at the 6 and 12 hours makes it a special watch. The warm grey dial with silver indexes and the pewter leather embossed croc strap are great pluses. This watch comes in a special Emporio Armani box.

3. Model: AR4222
Price: Rs 25,495 Based on the limited edition commemorative Meccanico watch launched in 2007, this new model is in a stainless steel version with a black calf-leather strap embossed to resemble crocodile skin. The black dial has a special feature referred to as “open heart”, which reveals the mechanical functioning of the watch movement, making the inner workings visible to the wearer.

4. MODEL: DZ1199
Price: Rs 7,795 The DZ1199 has all of the Diesel charm that you would expect with the large oversized dial. The use of small screw heads at the four corners makes it look like a piece of art rather than a watch and it is this unique style that will make it a real winner this season. It has a square shape black dial with a leather strap and a quartz analogue movement. It’s water-resistant up to 50 metres.

5. Model: DZ1196
Price: Rs 9,795 The powerful yellow crystal stands out brilliantly with a three-link bracelet fitting against the case. It has a silver dial with yellow mineral crystal and a silver second hand.

6. Model: ME1048
Price: Rs 8,795 With this stainless steel men’s watch, precision quartz timing is merged with a patented mechanical dial to create a not only functional, but stunning timepiece. It has a steel bracelet with folding clasp closure and is water-resistant up to 50 metres.

Women’s watches

Emporio Armani
1. Model: AR5727
Price: Rs 25,290 This elegant ladies watch from the Armani Ladies’ Classic line will never go out of style. Slim watches in stainless steel, silver and gold will give any woman an air of sophistication. It comes in a stainless steel curved rectangular case with a cream dial. There is a stainless steel adjustable-link bracelet with a deploying buckle. It is waterresistant up to 53 (approx.) metres.

2. Model: AR5738
Price: Rs 17,995
This chic Emporio Armani ladies watch has a lucid steel bracelet, featuring the brand’s logo in crystals. The discreet clasp closes with pressure. The rectangular steel case features a grey anthracite quadrant and mineral crystal glass that is scratch-resistant. The band is gold-plated. The watch is water-resistant up to 30 metres.

3. Model: AM4131
Price: Rs 6,495 This is a sparkling ladies watch with crystals round the bezel and a mother of pearl face on the bracelet. This watch comes with a shiny silver bracelet and a silver dial three-hand movement.

4. Model: The Shackle Cuff
Price: Rs 34,495 This jewellery inspired bracelet cuff consists of diamond-encrusted stainless steel. The padlock-shaped case features a tonal dial, indices and the Burberry logo. It’s also available in stainless steel, 18 carat gold-plating or dark nickel colour-plating.

5. Model: Gauntlet
Price: Rs 54,995 This watch comes in a stainless steel case and is held together by a four-strand pyramid stud bracelet. The case features a tonal dial, with diamond indices and the Burberry logo. It’s also available in dark nickel colour and 18-carat gold-plating.

6. Model: NY4414
Price: Rs 8,995 This DKNY crossover ladies watch features crystal stones all around the dial, case and bracelet. The bracelet strap has selfremovable links so you can adjust the length of the bracelet yourself.

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