Pak Media Outraged with Indo-US conspiracy

Indignation with India’s alleged “belligerence” marks Pakistan’s English language press on Wednesday. Newspaper editorials reject the evidence
that the 26/11 terrorists came from Pakistan. Instead, they find India and US ganging up on Pakistan, which they say is the real “victim” of terror.

Dawn’s editorial titled “A go-ahead for India?” says US president-elect Obama is stoking India-Pakistan hostilities. “American presidents have worked for peace, especially after the two countries acquired nuclear status. However, last Monday, president-elect Barack Obama seemed to have ditched this time-honoured American policy. There are concerns (in Pakistan) that India has benefited from the war on terror and has managed to advance its national interests. Overreaction to New Delhi’s demands would mean disastrous consequences for the region.”

The theme finds resonance in the popular daily from Peshawar and Quetta, the Frontier Post. Its editorial says, “Their (India’s) perceivable intent to link up the Mumbai holocaust’s perpetrators to Pakistan and then to al-Qaida is clearly intended to cash in — diplomatically, politically and militarily — on the current American assertions that it is now not Iraq or Afghanistan but Pakistan which is turning into al-Qaida’s haven.”

The pointing finger swings to India. The editorial adds, “With its demarche served on Islamabad, New Delhi has ratcheted up tensions to a perilous pitch which, if it doesn’t pull back, could go out of hand and boil over into an eventuality...It (India) cannot expect Pakistan to pay up the price for its own security and intelligence apparatus’s collapse. Nor can Pakistan become the guinea pig of its political compulsions or electoral necessities. It indeed is with a pinch of salt that one can take even its evidence.”

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